Texas Parks and Wildlife Boat Safety Course

Follow a course on responsible boating with instructor Chase Philip Randazzo. Contact Chase at 512-656-1957 or at chase@waterskilakeaustin.com to schedule your boat safety course. 

You can also contact Grace Pratt with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Boat Safety Course at 512-633-0164 or at graciela@austin.utexas.edu if you’d like to learn more.



Come learn the fine art of boat piloting with us at Water Ski Lake Austin. We call it “piloting” because we really want you to think of it as taking control and steering your own course toward a whole new, fun, healthy lifestyle. You’ll get personalized hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art 2014 Malibu Response TXI.

Special Note: Use of Water Ski's boat is an additional $100 charge.

 We cover all the details such as backing trailer in the water launching boat, driving, recovery of boat back to trailer, and securing for road travel, all available by the hour. We can also come to you, if you would like to learn on your boat. We also offer boating tours of Lake Austin, Lake Travis so you can get acquainted with your new aquatic “home away from home.”

PRIVATE BOAT INSTRUCTION: $200 per driving lesson, by appointment only. $100/hour after first hour.