About Water Ski Lake Austin

Our experts at Water Ski Lake Austin are here to serve as your go-to instructors in current information and techniques to help you safely perform at your highest level yet. Cast away your self-doubts and perceived limitations, and cast off for a more rewarding life journey! Quality of service is everything to us, and we know it’s important to you too. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive water skiing instruction and hands-on boating instruction you’ll find anywhere, with experienced, passionate teachers who emphasize safety as well as fun. We're certified to teach the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Texas Boater Education course and Outdoor Education programs, and we make sure all our students follow the “rules of the water" for a safe, healthy, enjoyable time, every time.

Meet our Instructors 

Chase Philip Randazzo (Owner/Operator; Texas Parks and Wildlife Boat Safety Course Instructor, Boat Instructor; One-Ski, Two-Ski and Barefoot Water Skiing)

Chase Philip Randazzo is the guiding force and principal instructor at Water Ski Lake Austin.

In addition to his mastery of boating and water skiing, Chase had two decades of experience as a master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a widely-used set of techniques for “reprogramming” limiting beliefs with new, positive and empowering beliefs to achieve your desired outcomes. It was NLP that got him through a serious motorcycle accident several years ago. By adopting a focused, positive mindset, Chase became the driving force behind his own recovery, personally selecting 40 different practitioners and following a demanding daily regimen of treatment and rehabilitation. Now fully recovered, Chase uses his own example to show others how to conquer their own limiting beliefs and develop their own skills, not just for recreation but as a form of “life fitness” that enhances everything they do. You can learn more about Chase's extraordinary journey at Livingyourbesthealth.com.)

Chase is a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Texas Boater Educationinstructor, and he has taken the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Safety Course. Chase has also enjoyed a successful career as a builder and as the owner of DistinctiveConstruction.net

 Saidi Johnson (Boat Instructor)   “Sai” Johnson serves as boat pilot and boat piloting instructor for Water Ski Lake Austin. Sai spent 14 years working for a premier boat dealership before joining us, gaining extensive experience is

 everything from cosmetic and structural repairs to rigging for Nautique, Sea Ray, Harrison“floteboats” and other types of boats. Sai has hands-on experience with Malibu and Mastercraft. When he's not behind the wheel, he enjoys barefoot skiing, wake boarding and especially wakesurfing.