Water Ski Lake Austin is a five star successful company and is currently available for acquisition.

Welcome to Water Ski Lake Austin

Water Ski Lake Austin is the 1st company in town that offers hands-on boat instruction, in addition to the requisite “book” learning for individuals 13 or older. Also offering personal water skiing instruction.  It’s one thing for your brain to understand something cognitively by taking a class or online course, and quite another for your body to learn it kinesthetically (literally “getting a feel for it”). Sometimes referenced as muscle memory. We make sure you get both, so that by the time you go out for your first recreational adventure, you know your boat. You know your skis or your surfboard. You will know the watersports and have confidence in your new skill set.   And most powerfully of all, you will know yourself.

Check out this site to learn more about our instructors, lessons and rates. Then when you’re ready to change your life, contact us and let’s talk about how Water Ski Lake Austin can equip you with the tools to do just that.


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Private Instruction

We offer beginner to advanced instruction in a variety of water sports. Empowering you to astound yourself and exceed your wildest expectations.

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The Lake Austin Cottage

Allow us to take care of your accommodation needs and enjoy peace and premium tranquility at The Lake Austin Cottage.

The Lake Austin Cottage will be available on the real estate market as of 10/16/19.


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Boat Safety

Certified Texas Parks and Wildlife Boat Safety Course Instructors

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